Ensure all the pre-requisites are satisfied before proceeding with the installation.

AWS Access and Permissions For Installation

  • AWS Console access

  • Ensure you are in the correct region and have IAM permissions to create following resources

    • EC2

    • S3

    • Loadbalancer

    • Security Groups

    • RDS Mariadb Database

    • Create entries in secrets manager (for database passwords)

  • Permissions to white list external services so Vexdata server can integrate with LDAP, Email, Jira, Slack and Teams.

Information Required to create Vexdata stack in AWS

  • VPC : VPC in which Vexdata server will be installed.

    • Ensure the VPC has at least two private subnets in two different availability zones.

  • Two private subnets in same VPC.

    • Ensure the two subnets are in two different availability zones. This is required for the load balancer.

  • ssh key pair

    • This key pair will be used to login to the Vexdata server.

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