Vexdata Overview

Vexdata automates Data Testing.


Vexdata is a No Code/Low Code Data Testing platform designed to automate Data Validation. Data risk has increased exponentially with the advent of cloud migrations, big data and data lakes. It's nearly impossible to continue manual data testing and monitoring.

At, we are transforming data testing by integrating AI with a no-code solution. Our platform provides an intuitive UI for seamless, end-to-end data testing management. Whether your data is housed within a single database system or spans multiple platforms—including SQL databases, cloud DWHs, NoSQL databases, or files—our AI-driven approach ensures comprehensive test coverage. We cater to a wide range of organizational data testing needs, such as ETL Testing, BI Testing, Data Migration Testing, and Data Validation, all accessible through one user-friendly interface. By embracing automation in data testing, organizations can significantly enhance data accuracy and achieve cost reductions of over 50%, while also improving data quality.

Vexdata executes validation jobs within the Enterprise’s existing infrastructure environment (on-premises, cloud, hybrid, etc.) and does not take any data out of the Enterprise’s environment. The tool itself remains security compliant and free from vulnerabilities. While running on cloud platforms like AWS, Azure or Google Cloud, Vexdata incurs cloud costs only when the comparison jobs are being run while making sure not to leave any unused resources running on the cloud to save every bit of cost that it can.

Vexdata can be integrated into existing CI/CD solutions to further automate the validation jobs. All this being available in the tool makes it possible to execute the validations as many times as need be, without incurring a lot of manpower or digression from other strategic initiatives.

Common Use Cases

Data Migration Testing

Vexdata ensures the accuracy and reliability of data migration testing by validating data transfers between different systems. The solution scales effortlessly, guaranteeing data integrity and performance, regardless of the volume or complexity of the migration process.

ETL/ELT Testing

Vexdata ensures the accuracy and reliability of ETL testing by validating data transformations, loads, and migrations. The solution scales seamlessly, guaranteeing data integrity and performance, regardless of the complexity or volume of the data.

Data Warehouse Testing

Vexdata ensures the accuracy and integrity of data warehouse testing, including support for Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD) Type 1 and Type 2. This allows for the efficient handling of historical data changes and updates, maintaining data consistency and reliability.

Document Testing

Vexdata automates the validation of documents like PDF, XML, JSON, and Excel. It supports both target file validation and reconciliation with raw source data, ensuring comprehensive testing.

Reports/Dashboard Testing

Vexdata ensures the accuracy and reliability of reports and dashboard testing by validating data consistency and correctness. This guarantees that business intelligence tools provide accurate insights and up-to-date information for decision-making.

Big Data Testing

Vexdata ensures the accuracy and performance of Big Data testing by validating large datasets and complex data pipelines. The solution scales effortlessly, guaranteeing integrity and reliability regardless of data volume, enabling efficient and accurate data processing and analysis.

BI Testing

Vexdata validates the BI reports with the source data to ensure the reports are presenting accurate metric.


  1. AI-based automated data validation rules with the ability to augment business specific rules using a drag-and-drop interface (for non-technical users) as well as SQL (for technical users).

  2. Out-of-the-box Integration with 100+ data sources & destinations (including Oracle & Snowflake).

  3. Optional, native integration for Hadoop based processing of concurrent jobs (to speed up the execution of validation jobs in case of large datasets).

  4. Capability to process any size of data (organizations have used Vexdata to validate billions of records at a time).

  5. Multiple deployment options (SaaS, on-premises, VPC, etc.).

  6. Auto-detection of key columns across source and destination datasets.

  7. Powerful integration options, including REST APIs, YAML, SDKs as well as a graphical user interface.

  8. Optional, AI-based optimization of compute resources utilization to keep the cost of validation jobs low (automated provisioning & deprovisioning of cloud instances while running validation jobs on Hadoop).

  9. Support for data validation across different data types.

  10. Ability to add tolerance when comparing data with some differences (milliseconds timestamp difference or Decimal rounding).

What does Vexdata NOT do

Vexdata does not migrate data.

Vexdata is not an ETL/ELT solution.

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