Data Compare Options

These are some of the options present in the configuration page for ETL Testing/Cell by Cell Compare.

  • Random Input Sample : User can provide a number of sample records for comparison, which allows a maximum of 1000 records.

    • Type in the number of records to be compared under Random Input Sample.

  • Compare Type :

There are two options.

  1. A = B : This option compares both A - B and B - A

  2. A Super set of B : This option compares only A - B. Data set A can have more records compared to dataset B and as long as all the records of B exist in A, this is considered as a pass.

    Example : Compare historical table with the daily load table.

This option allows the user to chose the type of comparison being made. The first option requires that both source and target have the same amount of records for the test to be regarded as passed, whereas the second option allows for A to have more records than B and still pass the test.

  • Compare Data Profile : This allows the user to compare the selected tables in both Cell By Cell Compare and Data Profile Compare. This means that Vexdata will generate statistical information for each of the columns of the selected tables, such as average, standard deviation, minimum, maximum, etc., for both Source and Target, and it will compare the data profiles.

    • Check the Compare Data Profile checkbox to compare the data profile of the source and target.

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