Manual Install on ec2

Recommended for single server.

Steps to create Vexdata server in AWS Cloud

  • Create ec2 instance of type T3.xlarge to support upto five concurrent jobs.(Select T3.2xlarge to support upto 10 concurrent jobs. )

  • OPTIONAL STEP : If jobs need to be processed in EMR cluster, create the role #grant-permission-to-ec2-instance-to-launch-emr-clusters and attache the role to the ec2 instance.

  • EC2 Instance should be launched in private subnet.

  • Follow the steps in Linux Installation for installing Vexdata server.

  • Create AWS Load Balancer and route http traffic to the ec2 instance created above.

  • Create SSL Certificate and expose only HTTPS traffic to the load balancer.

Create Role for EC2 instance to launch EMR Clusters

  • Create a role and attache the policy below.

  • Create an S3 bucket so EMR cluster can write the logs.

  • Create an IAM policy from the sample. Update the sample with the account number and bucket name from the above step.

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