It lets us set its features, functionalities, and characteristics. Here are some common properties -

  1. License Properties - When referring to license properties, it typically relates to the terms and conditions under which the Vex Data is distributed and used.

  2. Update Software - Software updated ensure that you're running the latest version with the latest features, bug fixes, and patches. We need to Restart Server after software update

  3. Default Timezone - User can set their own timezone to accurately reflect their local time

  4. Reports - It enables/ disables Reports Tab which provide information, analysis, and summaries information of test executions

  5. Select Product - User can toggle between the following two -

    1. Data Cleaning

    2. Data Testing - Data Compare / Data Quality / Schema Monitoring

  6. SQL AI Assistance - When enabled, it assist you with SQL-related questions or tasks. When you're looking to write a query it will help you.

  7. Base Url - It refers to the root address of the installed app.

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