Configure Table/s from Database

To select one or more tables:

  • Select the Connection Name from the drop down menu.

  • Select the desired schema.

  • Select the checkboxes for all the tables that need to be validated.

  • Click on Add Selected at the bottom.

Advanced Options

For large tables, it is recommended to provide a partition column so Vexdata can pull the data in parallel. Vexdata can autodetect the partition column; however, it is recommended that users provide this partition.

Rules for selecting the partition column :

  • The column should have an index.

  • The column should be numeric or a date-column.

  • If the column is of string-type, ensure the bucket size is not too low for a distinct value.

    • Example : If you have to choose between city and person_name, select city as partition column, as person_name is highly unique.

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